Here are some answers to the frequently asked questions. Is your question listed? if not, then contact us and we will answer you (click on a question to see the answer):

1. I got into trouble with the police since they are claiming that I am staying in Finland without a legal permit. In my opinion, I still have a valid living permit in Finland for at least a year. When the police took me to the police station they gave a list, where several law firms were mentioned that I could turn to for guidance. Nevertheless, I did not see Lex Gaudius on the list, but I would like your lawyers to represent me and help with my case. Do I still have the chance for Lex Gaudius legal guidance even though Lex Gaudius is not mentioned on the list?

In some cases, authorities might give a person with the need for legal assistance a list of law firms that the customer can turn to. However, everyone has a right to choose a law firm that is not mentioned on that list, that means even though Lex Gaudius lawyers may not be on the certain lists, our clients still may receive help for free. So, everyone is welcome to turn to Lex Gaudius when needed.

2. I have received a negative decision related to my residence permit. How will my case proceed after I visit Lex Gaudius and how long will my case take?

When a customer contacts us, the first step is to book an appointment with a lawyer. Then, it is important that a customer takes all important documents to the first meeting, for example, a negative decision from the authorities. In the meeting, our lawyer will look into the negative decision and evaluate the customer’s overall situation. After the meeting, we will proceed by writing a complaint and we will ask the customer for extra information if needed. We will send the complaint to the Administrative Court, but unfortunately, the Administrative Court will give their decision after several months or perhaps even after a year. The good point in these long-standing handlings is that we have the possibility to send additional information to the Court in case the customer feels it is relevant.

3. How can I get an appointment with a lawyer?

Contact us by calling 044 570 0140 or send an inquiry via our online form and we will get back to you shortly. Normally, our lawyers are present on working days from 10:00 to 17:00. It’s necessary for the customer to book a time because our lawyers are often in meetings or courts and might not be present without an appointment. The customer appointments shall be booked within working hours. In case there some questions occurred by our lawyer, you will be contacted and, also, kept updated on how the process is developing.

4. In case if I need to speak to a lawyer, how much will the legal aid cost?

Our hourly charge is 150-250 euros. Prices include 24 % VAT. We normally clarify your right for a free legal aid or partial or full compensation from your insurance. According to Finnish law, in some cases, the government (KELA) may provide support for covering the expenses for legal aid. In the first meeting we will evaluate the strategy and the costs of our lawyer work, thus, there will be no misunderstandings or unexpected expenses for our clients.

5. How often/when is the Arabic-speaking interpreter present?

The Arabic-speaking interpreter is present at the office from Mondays to Thursdays at 14:00-17:00. If needed, we can schedule additional hours for interpretation. If you wish to have the interpreter with you when meeting the lawyer please inform us when booking the appointment.  

6. What kind of cases do you deal with?

We work with businesses and individuals. Our specialization is EU and international law, criminal and civil cases, dispute resolution, labor law, international trade, foreign affairs, family and inheritance law, and contract law.

7. Do you also deal with other issues than your service descriptions have defined?

Yes, it is possible for us to deal with other issues too, yet, first, we must know what the case is about. After that, we can decide whether we can provide legal assistance or not.

8. I have received a negative decision on residence permit application. How do I proceed?

It would be great if the client can contact our lawyers as soon as possible after the decision has been given. This is due to the fact that the appeal period begins from the day that the customer has been notified on the negative decision. Also, the more time our lawyers have to work on the case, the better for the clients. For your information: appealing time changes depending on the case, but it is 30 days generally. In asylum cases, it goes from 7 to 21 days.

9. Can I get service from the same lawyer next time?

Yes, the same lawyer may serve you for all your needs.

10. I have legal expenses insurance. How do I proceed with my insurance company so that I can use my insurance?

Our lawyer or legal assistant will ensure if you are entitled to get covered your legal costs and what are costs not covered by the insurance.

11. How can I give feedback?

You are welcome to give feedback to us through our Facebook page or LinkedIn.