Meet The Team

Miro Del Gaudio Lex Guadius

Miro Del Gaudio

Attorney-at-law and the owner of Lex Gaudius

Miro founded Lex Gaudius in March 2016. He has graduated from the University of Naples Federico II (Ad Scientiarum Haustum Et Seminarium Doctrinarum) acquiring the Bachelor’s degree in Law in 2012. Miro also conducted extra law courses in Hungary during the years 2008-2010. In 2014 Miro attained a Master’s degree of Arts in Law after graduating from Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia. He specialized in EU law.

Miro conducted the ETA-tests in Finland during the years 2016-2017 and passed the Finnish Bar Association examination in June 2018.

He has experience of working in Finnish and Italian law offices, where the focus has been on criminal and controversy aspects in both international and domestic disputes.

Miro serves our clients in Finnish, Italian, and English.
Phone +358 (0) 44 570 0140


Pasquale Savarese Lex Gaudius

Pasquale Savarese


Pasquale Savarese is an Italian lawyer, who has started to work with Lex Gaudius in spring 2017. Pasquale graduated from the University of Naples Federico II with a law degree in January 2013. He belongs to the Naples area Bar Association in Italy.

Pasquale represents Lex Gaudius mainly in Naples.

Pasquale serves our customers in Italian, in Spanish, and English.


Johanna Kivistö Lex GaudiusJohanna Kivistö

Legal Assistant

Johanna graduated from the Helsinki filial of Tallinn University in June 2019 with a Bachelor’s degree in law. She joined Lex Gaudius as a legal trainee in 2018 demonstrating excellent performance. Johanna specializes in the Finnish Law, and her passion is the human rights field. Also, Johanna is interested in International Business Law. During her free time, Johanna likes to do sports and read.

We love Johanna’s loyalty and devotion to our clients as well as her enhanced professional


Henri Immonen Lex GaudiusHenri Immonen

Senior Legal Trainee

Henri is a third-year law student at Tallinn University of Technology. He is graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in the spring of 2020. After graduation, Henri is going to pursue his dream by completing Master studies in Business and Corporate law. He is interested in International law as well as EU law and Business law. During his free time, Henri enjoys playing a variety of sports from football to badminton.

We have trusted Henri to assist in complicated cases since he joined Lex Gaudius due to his levelheadedness and an enquiring mind.