Our services

Our services

EU and international law

Our office specializes in EU competition and international law. The lawyer of our office has specialized in EU law and has solid experience of procedural and external problem solving, for example, in situations where public authorities violate your rights as provided in the EU law. We also prepare complaints about the European Union Commission and complaints about the European Court of Human Rights.

Crime and Dispute Resolution

We offer assistance and advice to both the victims of crime and the suspect or accused in criminal cases during the pre-trial and trial proceedings. We also check the eligibility of the customer for partial or full compensation from the insurance or free legal aid.
Our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers assist the client when disputes occur in order to reach the best possible solution to negotiations. If a compromise is not possible, we will assist the client in legal follow-up.

Labor law

We offer help and advice in all jurisprudence areas. We will assist you, for example, in work permits and employment contracts. We help workers and employers in all disputes that arise.

International trade

Law office Lex Gaudius works with international, especially Italian companies. We serve the Italian Chamber of Commerce, where the local commissioners are responsible for finding partners in Finland, Estonia or Russia. Lex Gaudius’s extensive network of international experts, lawyer and business networks helps your business to become international and find new partners.


Our lawyers at Lex Gaudius have a solid experience in foreign affairs as well as related application and complaint documents. We help our clients, for example, in work permits, residence permits, asylum, expulsion, refusal, family reunion or citizenship. We also provide extensive and proficient legal advice on foreign affairs.

Family and inheritance law

Our services include all matters relating to family and inheritance rights. We will prepare all the documents you need, such as a divorce agreement, a will, a charter book, etc. We also consult and assist you in any divorce matters.

Contract and company law

We assist you in all matters relating to contract and company law. Our lawyers will support you throughout the establishment of the business and later on. Furthermore, you can consult us on all corporate tax issues.

Price list

Our team will evaluate your situation and swiftly create a related action plan free of charge. We will also investigate your entitlement to partial or full compensation insurance or free legal aid, which is often provided to low-income households. Home insurance frequently includes legal expenses insurance.
Our charge amounts to 150-250 euros per hour. Prices include 24% VAT.
Please feel free to contact us so that we can discuss your matter. You can also ask for a fixed price quote